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The Retiree’s Guide to Raleigh, NC

Today retirement is far from ideals and standards of only a decade ago. Seniors are more healthy and active and demand more from their communities. Therefore, any community or city that desires to attract the most responsible, seasoned members of society must meet criteria specific to this demographic.

Nowhere is this more apparent than Raleigh, North Carolina. Raleigh ranks among the most desirable cities to live in America. It is the tenth most prosperous city. It is also noted as one of the best family friendly cities. Community orientation encourages involvement through volunteer programs that welcome people of all ages.

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Senior Volunteer Programs

Seniors can participate in a variety of programs that allow them to educate, train and promote community safety. The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) serves more than 40 communities and provide seniors the opportunity to serve in government, recreational and educational facilities as well as health centers and the local police department. The popularity of RSVP is evidenced by nearly 1,000 volunteers who joyfully embrace the opportunity.


Many volunteers are pleased with the youthful vigor and energy provided by the program and its many volunteers. RSVP provides its volunteers with supplement accident insurance coverage while working as well as mileage reimbursement, recognition events and newsletters. Volunteers are not bound by a defined work schedule.

The Foster Grandparents Program provides opportunity for seniors to help with special needs children. Seniors work with children from 6 months to 8 years. There are minimal requirements that volunteers must meet to qualify for the program. Many children have developed exponentially as a result of the foster program and live stable, well-adjusted lives. These are but two of the many programs offered through the city of Raleigh.

Senior Activities

Senior life in Raleigh is much more than volunteer programs. When the day is done, seniors can roll up their sleeves and dive into fun and activity at one of the many Senior Activity Centers located around the city. These community centers offer the latest in health and fitness classes designed to accommodate abilities at all levels.

Classes run throughout the week and encourage fun and active lifestyles through dance and various programs that improve strength and endurance.

Arts and crafts classes bring out the Leonardo Da Vinci in many of its members who’ve had a passion for the arts. Easy to understand instruction will enhance and develop skill at any age. Social events provide opportunity for couples to enjoy date nights over exquisite meals complimented by the finest wines.

Singles can also enjoy these events and just may find that special someone. These centers also provide transportation to and from facilities as well as day trips to museums and other points of interest throughout the city. Seniors will also find these centers to be great resources for medical, long term care and affordable senior housing.

Raleigh, North Carolina has done its homework and has implemented programs and services to ensure its most treasured community members are active and have services to provide for all their needs.

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