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Stonehenge, Raleigh, NC

Stonehenge in Raleigh, North Carolina

Stonehenge, Raleigh, NC

Most people recognize the importance of finding a friendly neighborhood when they want to start a family. Home buyers will want to look at how they can come to Stonehenge, NC to experience everything that they could ever want.

This community was formed in 1977 and has been growing ever since. All of the residents are committed to making sure that everyone gets the experience that they have always wanted to find from their community.

If you would like to learn more about living here, check out their website. This may very well be the top community for families to move to in the Raleigh, NC area.

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Community Environment In Stonehenge, NC

There are several different advantages to moving here, but the community atmosphere is likely the best of them. All the residents here will be able to find homes that will appeal to their tastes and get them interested in living in the area.

However, their neighbors will be quick to help make them feel at home and ready to experience life in the Stonehenge, NC community. They will be able to show them around and tell them how to get the most out of the area. These neighbors will also be committed to helping them get their roots planted here.

Dining Options In The Area

Everyone who lives in Stonehenge will be able to enjoy all of the different restaurants that are in the area. Raleigh is quickly becoming famous for its wide array of different high quality dining options.

You will definitely want to try out some of the barbecue restaurants, including Clyde Cooper’s BBQ.

North Carolina is famous for its own authentic barbecue, so make sure you come here soon. There are also many other high quality dining options, including the Capital Club 16 and Cafe Luna.

Family Oriented Setting At Stonehenge, NC

The residents in this community are also committed to making sure that families feel welcome here. All the homes will be expected to keep noise levels to a minimum, especially at night.

There are patrols and watch teams that will make sure that crime stays out of the Stonehenge, NC area. Other people will be interested in trying out the Athletic Club that you can join here. These clubs can provide parents with a social network and a way for their kids to interact with each other.

Top-Rated Schools In The Area

No matter what kind of family you have, you can benefit from some of the local schools that are found in Raleigh. There are some great magnet schools in this district, including the William G. Enloe High School and Millbrook High School.

Even college-aged students will find no shortage of options in the area. They could opt to attend North Carolina State University, which is a highly regarded public institution. Some people might also be interested in going to some of the private colleges around here, including Meredith College and William Peace University.

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