Real Estate in the Triangle:

Meet the Marti Hampton Team

Photo of Marti Hampton

Marti Hampton Broker/Owner

Photo of Kim Roberts

Kim Roberts Broker / Realtor

Photo of Naomi Rodrigues

Naomi Rodrigues Senior Listing Partner

Photo of Mary Shook Simpson

Mary Shook Simpson Senior Listing Partner / Broker

Photo of Ginger Snyder

Ginger Snyder Buyer Specialist / Broker

Photo of Isaac Staubs

Isaac Staubs Buyer Specialist / Broker

Photo of Jan Tomlinson

Jan Tomlinson Closing Coordinator

Photo of Ella Volney

Ella Volney Buyer Specialist and Listing Partner

Photo of Desiree White

Desiree White Listing Partner/Realtor

Photo of Ward Wilkes

Ward Wilkes Listing Partner

Photo of Jennie Wotring

Jennie Wotring Closing Coordinator

Photo of Dana Youst

Dana Youst Buyer Specialist and Broker