Helping You Sell Your Triangle Home Faster and For More Money

Helping You Sell Your Triangle Home Faster and For More Money

What Sets Us Apart

High Praise

Marti Hampton is the only Triangle realtor who is endorsed by Barbara Corcoran, the nationally recognized real estate guru from ABC's Shark Tank!

Your Best Buyers are Out There!

Sellers of Earth! We can find the best buyers for your home!

Home-Selling Innovation is YOURS!

You deserve to get the very best price for your home. Here's how to do it!

On the Fence?

On the fence about selling your house? Here are 5 signs to know it's TIME!


We use an innovative approach like no one else in the Triangle to get your home sold fast and for more money 

Marketing Strategy

We sell a home every 16 hours. We do it by putting more money and expertise into advertising your home than our competitors. See how here

ACE Certified

We motivate every brokerage in the Triangle to work for you by offering a $10k bonus to agents who sell the most ACE-certified homes. Learn More

Learn Your Home's Value

What's your home worth? Learn its value so you can sell it competitively in the Triangle real estate market!

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