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  • 2 Full Baths |

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  • 3,710 Sq Ft

In Historic Warrenton!

Step back in time with this well-appointed Traditional home in historic Warrenton. This home has a total of 6 fireplaces and captures the old with the new. Large Rocking chair front porch, eat in kitchen, built in breakfast nook. Formal dining room, sunroom, 2 tier backyard deck and so much more. Within walking distance uptown. 1st floor Master Suite with updated bath with shower and jacuzzi tub. All 3 second floor bedrooms with fireplace. Kitchen with butler's nook and bar area. Large walk-in pantry, breakfast nook with French doors leading to deck. 2 car garage with tons of storage space. 

Dear Home Buyer, 

“Our house is a beautiful two story white frame with a large and enjoyable front porch. Bobby's mother lived next door and one day having lunch with her we decided to walk around this property that was for sale. We fell in love with the house without having seen the inside and thought this might be the place for us, along with our two young daughters, rather than building in the country as planned. The porch used to wrap around the south side of the house, but previous owners enclosed that side into a sunroom off the den.

The house sits on a well landscaped acre lot at the edge of downtown Warrenton. There are 12 American Boxwoods on the property (yes, those are the large ones that are 10-12 feet high). There are also 7 crepe myrtles, a magnolia, numerous small English box and a fig bush in the yard.

The house, known as the Holt house was built in 1887 by Hugh J. White on 3 acres of land. Mr. White’s granddaughter, Helen Holt Morrison told me she knows this was when it was built because her mother, Helen Russell White Holt, was born in 1887 and had said many times that she was 2 months old when they moved in the house.

The White's daughter, Helen Russell (Mrs. Morrison's mother) married Dr. Thomas Holt from Johnston Co., NC. Dr. Holt was recruited by Wise Quarry to be the local doctor. Dr. and Mrs. Holt lived in Wise until 1920 when, because Mrs. Holt didn't like living so far from Warrenton (8 miles) and now Dr. Holt had an automobile, they bought Mrs. Holt's home place in Warrenton. Mr. White had died and Mrs. White built a bungalow on the lot next door. The Holts remained in this house until first his death and then in 1974 her's.

We purchased the house in 1975 and moved from an apartment in town with our 2 small daughters, Laura and Mary. There are 6 coal fireplaces in the house but only one is being used with gas logs in it. There was a seventh fireplace in the master bedroom which we blocked up. The mantel from this fireplace is stored in the garage if the new owners want to restore it. For several years the mantel was used by my brother and sister-in-law when they opened the Cameron Park Inn in Raleigh, NC. After new owners, and a fire, the Inn was restored and they removed the mantel and returned it to us.

Our main source of heat in 1975 was an oil furnace with steam radiators. It was very expensive - for a young couple - to heat this large house so we put in a free standing wood stove to supplement the furnace. We heated the home for about 12 years this way. One night while Bobby was away in Arkansas at National Guard school, I was taking out a bucket of hot coals from the stove (a daily chore) and fell down the 3 back steps. I broke both feet and set the dry leaves in the yard on fire. Oh, and I was 8 1/2 months pregnant ! But I guess that's another story.

In 1989 we put a Taylor wood stove in the side yard and heated not only our house but my brother's house next door. The two men plus our two sons (when they were old enough) cut and split wood to feed that stove for the next 23 years. When natural gas came to Warrenton and down our street we gladly sold the wood stove and put in central heat and air (2012).

A funny story from back in those days: After my father died my mother, who lived across town, came and spent every Christmas Eve with us. One of those nights while sharing a room with our youngest daughter she heard strange noises. She woke Mary up and said "I hear something". Mary said. "it's just the radiator". Mother, thinking she said radio, said "well turn it off". Mary said "I don't know how". Mother- " well unplug it". Mary " it won't unplug". Mother," it smells hot" Mary, "it is hot". Mother , who at this point was jumping out of bed, said "well let's throw it out the window!" Mary said "Nannie, it's the radiator, we can't pick it up!" Embarrassed, mother crawled back in bed, never to live down the story.

The kitchen was very outdated when we bought the house but all we could afford to do at the time was paint. We lived with this kitchen until 2001 when we could afford a major renovation - down to the floor joist! We lived in the house without a kitchen for 3 months! The old screen back porch was made into a beautiful breakfast room overlooking the backyard and with French doors onto a new deck. A new back door was added with mudroom and large 5x7 walk-in pantry with tons of storage. The back end of the old porch was made into a hall with storage cabinets and a half bath. 

There is a charming building out back that served as the maid's house. Mrs. Morrison said, "Jeanette lived back there and called it her hotel". The gardener also had living quarters behind the garage but the Holt's son moved that building to his home prior to us buying. We fixed the maid's house up as a playhouse for our girls and later when the boys came along it was their clubhouse. After the children were grown it was first a workshop then storage house. There is also a lawn mower/tool shed (originally the carriage house) in the back behind the garage.

While beautiful at Christmas, this house is probably best known for only one day out of the year - Halloween! It started small - with me with a witch's hat on, sitting in a rocker on the front porch handing out candy while Bobby took the children around the neighborhood trick or treating. As each of the girls got too old to trick or treat they would dress in something scary and join me on the porch. So when the boys came along they didn't care about going around the neighborhood, they wanted to scare those who came to our house. This has been a tradition for 42 years. We have between 300-400 kids come by every year. The porch is decorated and the whole family, kids and grandkids are on that porch dressed in spooky costumes. The first year our son lived in Henderson, he got his costume and plenty of candy ready for a fun night in a new home. At 7:30 that night he called and said we are headed to Warrenton, there are no trick or treaters around here.

Mrs. Morrison shared this tidbit with me. The White family owned four houses in a row. She said, "when I was a child this was my world. I could wander up and down this row, enter any house unannounced but always welcome." When we bought the Holt house Bobby's mother lived next door. She later sold it to my brother and his family. My Aunt and Uncle lived on the other side of her and when our youngest daughter got married she and her husband bought the next house down. So 3 of my grandchildren could and did wander up and down this same row, enter any house unannounced but were always welcome!!

So, I guess you are asking why are we selling? Bobby and I are now in our 70s and although we are both in good health, neither of us wants to stay in this large house alone, nor have the job of cleaning it out alone. It's time to downsize - together! We have Bobby's family farm out in the country which our son and his family have built on. They want us to join them. Our daughter Mary is divorced now and wants to go too, so who knows, maybe a duplex on the farm is just what we need.

This house needs another family to come make memories for another 40+ years!

Additional information:

Warrenton in Warren County, NC was established in 1779 and is noted for its simplicity and beauty, filled with a rich history in its historic homes and buildings. 90 % of the buildings in downtown Warrenton are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is located between more than 70,000 acres of beautiful freshwater lakes in Lake Gaston and Kerr Lake. We love the quiet, laid back atmosphere and the friendly people of our beautiful town.

Our home is within walking distance of downtown Warrenton with several gift shops and antique shops. We have four restaurants on Main St., one being Robinson Ferry which was featured in last month's State Magazine. There is a full grocery store within walking distance. 

Our monthly utility bills (water, cable/internet, gas & electric) run an average of $550.00 a month. 

A major renovation to the kitchen and back of house was done in 2001 and freshly painted in 2017. Central air and heat was installed in 2012. New roof put on in last 7-8 years and painted outside 2013. All rooms inside have been freshly painted with some updates being done in master bath. 

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