First Time Home Buyer Guide

Part III: Finding the Perfect Agent

The first thing a buyer needs to do when they are ready to search for homes is find a Triangle Buyer's Agent who is flexible and has experience in many types of home sale transactions. Choose an agent that is aggressive and has tools such as docusign (electronic signatures) in order to get offers submitted quickly for well-priced Triangle listings usually receiving multiple offers.

Where Do I Find the Perfect Agent?

Generally speaking, the more experience the agent has in selling homes, the more benefit to your success in home buying. We recommend a Buyer Specialist in a team environment to give you support from an entire team during all facets of the transaction. Here are more suggestions for finding the right Buyer Specialist:

  • Ask family and friends who have recently closed a home in the Triangle for a referral of their home buying experience and their agent.
  • Attend First Time Home Buyer seminars hosted by lenders, agents or title companies to meet agents.
  • Search the Triangle Business Journal for Top Teams ranking in the Triangle.
  • Find the top real estate company in the Triangle - find the top agent/team in that office.

Questions to Ask Your Agent

Make sure you do your due diligence when interviewing and hiring a Buyer Specialist. Here are some items that should be on the interview list:

  • Experience - years, transaction types? Be careful, some agents may be licensed for ten years but have only closed two transactions in that time frame!
  • How many and what types of home sales have you closed in the last year?
  • Dedication - full-time and team oriented? We recommend a team environment or partnered with someone who is always available to assist.

One other thing you want to be concerned with is how much an agent charges for their services. Yes, sellers usually pay our commission; HOWEVER, sometimes fees are added onto the service. Before you enter into a relationship with the agent make sure that you are very clear on what those fees are. They are usually in the form of flat fees added in to your closing costs. You may ask if there are any “transaction, warehousing, storing, etc. fees" for home buyers.

In today's market, the potential for bumps in the road could make home buying a challenging ride. You will want to be very comfortable with the agent and team you choose, and trust them to guide you through the entire transaction as smoothly as possible!

Ready to Move On to Part IV?

Now that you've decided which type of home you'll be buying, it's time to establish a time frame to set appropriate expectations. Here's what you can expect to encounter along the way.