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Meet Marti Hampton & The Marti Hampton Team

Looking for professional real estate assistance in the Triangle area of North Carolina? Meet The Marti Hampton Team. With decades of professional home buying and selling experience, we're here to ensure that your real estate transaction goes off without a hitch... whether you're buying your first home, upgrading to a luxury home, or selling a home. We work with home buyers, investors, sellers, relocaters... and everyone in between. Find out more about how we can help you successfully buy or sell a home in the Triangle, or contact us today to get started!

Accolades and Awards of Marti Hampton & Team


Marti Hampton Team Ranked #1 is US


RE/MAX #1 Team in North Carolina


Triangle Business Journal's Top 10 Realtor Ranking


Ranked Among the Top 1% of Brokers Nationally Since 1987


Wall Street Journal Top 100 Teams List By Sales Volume

Photo of Marti Hampton

Marti Hampton Broker/Owner

Photo of Daphne Anderson-Wall

Daphne Anderson-Wall Buyer Specialist / Broker

Photo of Danalis Arzola

Danalis Arzola Buyer Specialist / Broker

Photo of Angelica Becerra

Angelica Becerra Buyer Specialist / Broker

Photo of Rebekah Brock

Rebekah Brock Listing Partner / Broker

Photo of Devon Broughton

Devon Broughton List /Buying Partner

Photo of Deborah Brownell

Deborah Brownell Coming Soon Homes

Photo of Jenna Cardon

Jenna Cardon Buyer Specialist / Broker

Photo of Martha Choe

Martha Choe Closing Coordinator

Photo of Mary Jo Coppola

Mary Jo Coppola Listing Partner

Photo of Jen Dawley

Jen Dawley Buyer Specialist & Open House Expert

Photo of Lisa Gomes

Lisa Gomes Listing Coordinator

Photo of Stephanie Harrington

Stephanie Harrington Closing Coordinator, Realtor

Photo of Tammie Harris

Tammie Harris Listing Partner

Photo of Rebecca Journigan

Rebecca Journigan Buyer Specialist / Broker

Photo of Shannon Goldberg

Shannon Goldberg Buyer Specialist / Broker

Photo of Ashley Pearce

Ashley Pearce Listing Coordinator

Photo of Cathy Rice

Cathy Rice Listing Assistant / Referrals

Photo of Naomi Rodrigues

Naomi Rodrigues Senior Listing Partner

Photo of Mary Shook Simpson

Mary Shook Simpson Senior Listing Partner / Broker

Photo of Ginger Snyder

Ginger Snyder Buyer Specialist / Broker

Photo of Isaac Staubs

Isaac Staubs Buyer Specialist / Broker

Photo of Jan Tomlinson

Jan Tomlinson Closing Coordinator

Photo of Desiree White

Desiree White Listing Partner/Realtor

Photo of Ward Wilkes

Ward Wilkes Listing Partner

Photo of Kim Roberts

Kim Roberts Broker / Realtor

Photo of Justin Allen

Justin Allen Buyers Specialist/Broker

Photo of Laura Wilt

Laura Wilt Listing Coordinator / Marketing

Photo of Riley Hegland

Riley Hegland Marketing Specialist

Photo of Stewart Cox

Stewart Cox Buyer Specialist / Broker