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Medical Professionals’ Relocation Guide to Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, NC, offers multiple opportunities for work, education, and research for medical professionals that make it ideal for relocation. Known as the “The City of Oaks” for its green façade, it has also been consistently voted one of the top places to live in the United States, and that is particularly true for medical professionals.

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The capitol city of North Carolina includes its famous Research Triangle Park (RTP) where 75 biotech and life sciences companies do business. With Duke and NC State University available to graduate candidates in the biotech field, it can be a perfect place to come and study, and later find a job as a nurse, a neurosurgeon, a researcher, or as a medical professional in the pharmaceutical industry.

Raleigh, NC, also has a large network of hospitals that can provide employment and work experience to those looking for employment within the state. Here are a few organizations that make it easy for medical professionals to choose Raleigh as their top choice for relocation:

  • Duke University Hospital – One of the top hospitals in the world is located in the Raleigh-Durham area. The hospital has 924 acute care beds. It offers the latest advances in cancer treatment, cardiology, and even OB-GYN. It has psychiatric outreach as well.
  • NC State University – If you want to get a biotechnology degree, NC State University offers a Biotechnology program that educates students to meet the needs of the growing RTP area. This degree can apply to a variety of positions in research and development for biotechnology companies in the area. You can also look into degrees that offer opportunities in pharmaceuticals and physical therapy as well.
  • UNC Chapel Hill University – About a 45 minute drive from the Raleigh-Durham area is Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill hosts the University of Chapel Hill with a large medical program, including nursing. The university has its own hospital that supports its education programs and also is one of the largest employers for residents in the Raleigh-Durham area.
  • GlaxoSmithKline – This multinational company has a large presence in the RTP area, even though it is headquartered in London. It does clinical trials and researches new vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and biologics. It is just one of the many multinational companies that offer employment in the area for medical professionals. A comprehensive list of companies in the RTP area is available at

Cost of Living

Due to the high presence of the competing medical facilities, salaries remain high for in demand medical professionals. However, the cost of living for Raleigh-Durham is low when compared to the rest of the country. The median home price was $206,825 in 2012, yet the average household income in Wake County was $65,289. Raleigh offers a very affordable place to live.



One of the biggest attractions to Raleigh is the fact that it is in the South. The weather is sunny almost all the time; however, it can get very hot in the summer. The winter compensates for the few days of hot steamy weather in August by providing year-round comfort in the winter.

However, Raleigh is only a few hours from the Outer Banks area on the eastern coast and a few hours from the Appalachian Mountains to the west. The central location makes it easy to spend vacations in a different area of the state where temperatures are cooler in the summer.


Raleigh used to be known for having a small city feel with few cultural attractions. That is no longer the case. The downtown renovation project has rejuvenated the downtown area to create an urban hotspot for people who want to shop and attend events downtown.

A convention center and symphony hall provide plenty of events. Museums abound in Raleigh, with recent improvements that have made them stand peer-to-peer with better known museums in the northeast.

The North Carolina Museum of Art, located in Raleigh, even has its own collection of Rodin statues and a brand new naturally-lit, modern-designed, building to celebrate the acquisition of this notable collection. The adjoining Museum Park is set on 160 acres of hiking trails dotted with works of arts along the route. Another museum available is the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences with its own Nature Research Center.

Raleigh may be moving into big-town status, but it maintains its pride in the numerous wildlife parks and recreation areas with lakes and trails that offer Raleigh residents numerous outdoor sporting opportunities year-round.

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