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Stonemoor, North Raleigh, NC

Stonemoor in North Raleigh, North Carolina

Stonemoor, North Raleigh, NC

Stonemoor is a small heaven in the entire Raleigh worth living in. It is a well established old school neighborhoods that started developing back in 2007. The Stonemoor houses assumes the European Manor homes development style.

This style of homes have over the decades transformed this place to look amazing and great to live in. Only a few houses are up for grabs and very soon this place will be like hot cakes for real estates development, it will cost a fortune to buy a home here or commercial property.

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Stonemoor neighborhoods is strategically placed between 1-540 to the North and 1-440 to the south belt-line. To find Stonemoor, go through the Highway 50 towards the north referred to as the Creedmoor Road, turn to the Norwood Road leftwards. This area has been named Raleigh and the zip code area is 27613. Generally this place is characterized by tall, mature trees, rolling mills and larger sized lots.

Stonemoor covers an approximately 0.163 square miles area, population density of 166 individuals per square mile. The entire Raleigh has about 3,457 people per square miles. It is a region with a mixture of whites, Asians and other tribes with the whites forming the highest population density. The average income of Stonemoor household is $81,805, above the national minimum. A relatively busy yet quiet place.


The average age range is 27 years, with about 2 people living in every household. There is low crime rates in the entire Stonemoor neighborhoods. It records only below 3% for the people living below poverty levels hence safe area to live in.

The main energy sources are utility gas, electricity and LP gas with 36%, 34% and 29% respectively.


Stonemoor has some of the best schools in Raleigh. The Raleigh, N.C education quality score is rated at about 65.88. The top rated public schools accessible while in Stonemoor include Endeavor Charter School, Exploris, Quest Academy, Raleigh Charter High School and Magellan Charter School.

There are also lots of other preschools, elementary, middle, private and chartered schools.

Arts and Entertainment

The greater Raleigh is blessed with two state parks which makes recreation an experience in this area. Lots of hotels both high class and middle levels have grown up in these neighborhoods. The North Ridge Country Club and Carolina Country Clubs are both accessible from this region.

People enjoy lots of recreational activities including horse back riding, hiking, mountain biking trails, biting fish, canoe and boat rentals. There are other two private parks and the Falls Lake State recreation facility.

There is just lots of entertainment, dinning and shopping in Stonemoor. Lots of fitness centers, swimming pools, golf courses, and tennis courts suitable for social, athletic, and family opportunities.

These are the basic and solid information about Stonemoor. As seen above, it is a good place for those looking for small yet busy city and neghborhoods. It is a place full of fun and recreational facilities, has the basic requirements for anyone looking forward to growing family here. It is recommendable that one visits this region and see for oneself what have been talked about here.

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