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Southern Village, Chapel Hill, NC

Southern Village in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Southern Village, Chapel Hill, NC

Southern Village in Chapel Hill, North Carolina is a picturesque neighborhood that has a wide variety of homes and apartments, many shops and a large amount of restaurants.

The Location

Southern Village is located about eight miles south of Chapel Hill, and it is located relatively close to the highway. Although Southern Village isn’t considered to be in the country, it offers the benefits of living in the country while still providing the benefits of living in a suburban area.

Places To Live There are many places to live in Southern Village. A person can choose a townhouse, a condominium, a large home or an apartment. The prices of homes vary widely depending on the size of the home, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that it has and the location of the home. Many of the apartment buildings in the area have been given exceptional ratings, and most of the apartments in Southern Village offer many outstanding features.

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Restaurants And Cafes 

Southern Village has a large selection of restaurants and cafes, and many people who live in Chapel Hill come to the neighborhood to visit the restaurants. The most popular restaurants are located on Market Street, which is located near the middle of Southern Village, and some of these include La Vita Dolce, Merlion Restaurant and Town Hall Grill.

There are many small businesses in the neighborhood that provide a wide variety of services. There are several dentists, daycare centers, insurance companies, banks and accountants in Southern Village, and many of these small businesses are willing to give residents various deals and discounts in order to attract more customers.

There are several parks in the neighborhood, and one of most well-known parks is the Southern Community Park. This park includes a playground, an area to walk dogs, a soccer field, a hockey rink and a picnic area. The Fan Branch Trail passes through the neighborhood, and this trail, which was designed to be a trail for bikers and runners to easily traverse the entire area around Chapel Hill, NC, is frequented by many of the residents of Southern Village and many of the residents of the surrounding neighborhoods.


The neighborhood is connected to other areas around Chapel Hill and to downtown Chapel Hill by the Chapel Hill Transit. In addition, the Chapel Hill Transit provides quick and convenient transportation services to UNC, which is located near the neighborhood.

There are many benefits to living in Southern Village. Southern Village provides the authentic atmosphere of a small town while simultaneously offering swift access to Chapel Hill and to the University of North Carolina.

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