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Ramblewood, Raleigh, NC

Ramblewood in Raleigh, North Carolina

Ramblewood, Raleigh, NC

The Ramblewood neighborhood of Raleigh, North Carolina is located inside the Beltline in central Raleigh. The Ramblewood neighborhood consists of 570 households with an average household income of $67,000.

Ramblewood features a mixture of town homes, condominiums, and single-family detached homes that range from $40,000 for starter homes to $4,000,000 or more for executive homes. Ramblewood also features town homes, condominiums, and apartments for rent.

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Ramblewood community is served by one school district in Raleigh, North Carolina. Public and private schools are available throughout Raleigh and close to the Ramblewood community. Elementary, Middle, and High Schools are located anywhere from one to four miles from the neighborhood of Ramblewood.

Things to Do

There are many things to do in Ramblewood and Raleigh. Ramblewood offers a variety of entertainment, shopping, and recreational options for residents and visitors. There are many cinemas, theaters, museums, and art galleries located near Ramblewood.

There are also children’s museums, The North Carolina Museum of Sciences, The NC Museum of Art, and the NC symphony. Also available to residents and visitors are an array of shops and restaurants. Some recreational options include, parks, camping, and the Pullen Amusement Park. There is something for everyone to do in Ramblewood.


Ramblewood is a suburban community that is conveniently located to schools, entertainment, shopping, and recreational activities. Ramblewood offers residents luxury living in a beautiful, peaceful setting. Ramblewood is inside the beltline, which means it is central to everything Raleigh has to offer.

The “Beltline” covers the areas within the I40 through I440 loop. Many of the Beltline neighborhoods in Raleigh are historic or consisted of established Raleigh families at one time or another.

Great Place to Live

Ramblewood is a great place to live because it is a suburban neighborhood in the middle of the city of Raleigh. Being in the center of the city offers the advantage of getting to school, work, shopping, or entertainment easily and quickly. There are independent shops, restaurants, galleries, and more to be found in the Ramblewood area as well.

Ramblewood is the type of Beltline neighborhood that offers an array of housing options. There are apartments, condominiums, and town homes for renters and single-family detached homes ranging from starter homes to mansions.


Another attraction to Ramblewood is the climate. The temperature in the colder months, early December through February, is typically 30 to 49 Fahrenheit. In the warmer months, late May through Mid-September, temperatures range from 70 to 89 degrees Fahrenheit.

The months of March and April tend to be cool and warm gradually. The weather is one of the reasons most people move to North Carolina. Centrally located with convenient access to almost every want or need, Ramblewood is a great community to live in. As an added bonus, Ramblewood also has mild winters and long, warm summers, making this community enticing for most people to move to.

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