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Preston, Wake County, NC

Preston in Wake County, North Carolina

Preston, Wake County, NC

Preston is one of the largest and most desirable neighborhoods in Cary, Wake County, North Carolina. The area is comprised of small towns, notably Preston Glen, Preston Pine and Preston Village. The census in 2009 reported there were 5,000 residents in Preston.

The town was developed in 1993 around a group of software developers known as the SAS Institute, who are today one of the largest analytical software companies in the world. In order to attract creative scientists and staff not only to SAS, but its subsidiary companies in the area working in the software industry, Preston was first launched in 1992 as an outstanding place to live and work.

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Real Estate and Amenities

The homes are beautiful, some with high end and others with medium range prices and amenities. Preston is well known for its golf courses, it is in close proximity to the airport and the Stone Creek Shopping Center also the Research Triangle Park the hub of the employment district. Prestonwood Country Club welcomes new members, while offering year round activities to the community.

There is a swimming pool, tennis courts, parks and walking paths for the family to enjoy throughout the area. This is a wonderful place to live, with modern up to date in homes that are attractively placed on acreage to create great curb side appeal. Houses vary in sizes with well built state of the art fittings for your comfort.


The neighborhood schools are highly recognized as some of the best in the country. There is a Wake County Public School website that can be checked out to help you decide which school is best for your child. Glen Hope Elementary, Davis Drive Middle School and Green Hope High School are three of the schools in Preston that have been commended for high levels of education and excellent student results.

There are 16 state universities in North Carolina, where young high school graduates can further their education, the most famous being Chapel Hill which offers disciplines varying from medicine to liberal arts. This is the state that also hosts Duke University, a private institution with a stellar national reputation.

Health Care System and Business Infrastructure 

Health facilities abound in this area. There is a children’s hospital, drug and rehabilitation center, many fine health centers and doctors to serve every medical need. The financial institutions include banks, investment consulting firms with qualified financial planners. Legal services are many and varied throughout the area.

The largest employers are the computer companies, this is followed by the academic institutions that are all in close proximity to Preston. Restaurants are located throughout in central streets with theaters and cinemas for your entertainment. Established churches are operational in mainstream religions as well as a variety of faiths where people are able to worship.

This is a great place to live, it is a solid community where investing in a home is a worthwhile venture destined to grow with time while providing a good environment for families and single people to safely work and play. We will be happy to introduce you to the fine living standards we offer, as we show you the sites in Preston, Wake County, North Carolina.

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