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Hayes Barton, Raleigh, NC

Hayes Barton in Raleigh, North Carolina

Hayes Barton, Raleigh, NC

The area of Hayes Barton, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a unique area that is the most distinguished in Raleigh. It can be found in the historic district of Hayes Barton and is included in a neighborhood referred to as Five Points.

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The Creation of Hayes Barton

Hayes Barton has a very uptown vibe, thanks to its creator, who did the initial design and landscaping of the neighborhood. When he started creating this neighborhood he mainly created single family homes with a suburban feel to them. He later went on to developing the neighborhood’s golf fairways. He built this neighborhood for middle class and upper middle class residents. He also designed large parks throughout the neighborhood.

The way in which the Hayes Barton neighborhood is landscaped allows room for many small parks as well. When they were designed, the landscaper made room for these parks by having the roads merge with the contour of the land. Streets throughout the neighborhood were named after both former North Carolina Governors and people who used to own land there.

Architecture and Real Estate

Hayes Barton’s is mainly a suburban neighborhood that also has many European style houses. Many of the houses were built in the style of Spanish architecture. Other houses in the neighborhood were designed in the styles of English, Tudor and French. One of the most significant houses in Hayes Barton is the Rothstein House.

This house was first designed by an architect from Raleigh, North Carolina named G. Milton Small. Since 1959, the Rothstein House has been present in the southern part of the Hayes Barton neighborhood. In 2013, the John E. Beaman house, built in 1929 and located in Hayes Barton, was added to Raleigh’s registry of Historic Landmarks.


The Hayes Barton neighborhood is considered to be a primary neighborhood for several reasons. Due to deed restrictions, the neighborhood’s houses are all large and prestigious. This neighborhood was also very accessible by train because it was adjacent to their local streetcar line, but at the same time, away from the railroads.

Later transitions led to the neighborhood’s transition from being streetcar friendly to being car friendly. Even though Hayes Barton was the first neighborhood in the area to be developed, it was the last one to be platted.

Historic Significance of Hayes Barton

Since 2002, the Hayes Barton neighborhood has been on the list of for the National Register of Historic Places. This means that the government deemed this neighborhood is worth being preserved for the sake of history.

Rich with culture and history, Hayes Barton is a very family friendly neighborhood of Raleigh, North Carolina. Its sophisticated charm and beautiful landscaping has helped put it on the map as one of Raleigh’s more historic neighborhoods. Anyone looking to purchase a house in Raleigh, North Carolina will be delighted with the Hayes Barton neighborhood.

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