Durham County's Public Schools

Durham County Schools:

As one of the top ten largest school districts in the state of North Carolina, Durham Public Schools represents an expansive collection of elementary, middle, high, magnet, and charter schools that currently serves over 30,000 students. Students can expect a robust and comprehensive curriculum, nutritional meals, and compassionate teachers dedicated to fostering a learning environment.

Magnet Schools:

With specialized curriculums, magnet schools are an excellent option for residents of Durham looking to provide their children with a challenging education focused on science, technology, math, or any similar subject.


Schools like Durham School of the Arts offer specialized curriculums that aren't typically found in standard public schools. Specialized curriculums can focus on science, technology, medicine, or arts.

Year Round:

Year round schools operate for 180 days a year, but those days are spread out throughout the entire calendar year. Instead of one long summer break, students take shorter breaks in between terms. There are a number of year round options in Durham County.

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