Because WISE Homes Sell Faster!

Selling a home in Raleigh or the Triangle? Now there’s a better way to sell. There are many benefits to selling WISE, including selling FASTER and selling for 5 – 7% MORE. Why do WISE homes sell better? Because they offer buyers the worry-free buying of a fully inspected, evaluated, and insured home—and you as the home seller get maximum leverage in the negotiation.

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Why Sell WISEly?

Save thousands of dollars with maximum negotiation leverage.

Save hundreds of dollars with the 5-star HSA home warranty coverage.

Save time with upfront inspections so there are no hidden surprises for buyer or seller.

Save hundreds of dollars with our core vendor contacts.

Learn more about all that WISE homes have to offer for both buyers and sellers!

Buyer & Seller Benefits of WISE



A premium home warranty covers you and your buyer for one year.

  • Relax knowing your budget is safe from unexpected repair costs
  • Coverage of major systems, A/C, heat & appliances (ask for details)
  • Receive a 1-year handyman services plan with a nominal service fee



Performed by licensed and reputable Advantage Home Inspections

  • Receive a full long form 167-point inspection, with 30-day satisfaction guaranteed
  • No hidden surprises! Know all the details UPFRONT
  • Negotiate from a position of knowledge, leverage, and confidence


Secure Financing:

By DNJ Gateway Mortgage 919.459.6519

  • Provides a guaranteed 21-day approval-to-closing. Less time between accepted offer and closing = less stress.
  • No closing costs loan programs available for your buyer
  • Strengthen your home’s saleability by working with the best lender in the industry



  • Licensed appraiser-prepared floorplan and verified square footage
  • Upfront title exam and title insurance commitment completed, preventing delays
  • General contractor’s itemized list of repair costs upfront for negotiation leverage

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re thinking of selling a home in the Triangle, then it’s time to really consider all the benefits of selling WISEly. Contact us today to learn more about WISE selling and what it can do for you! We’re always here to answer your questions and are ready to get started selling any time you’re ready to list!