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Living with Pets in Your New Neighborhood

How Max or Molly copes with the move will be dependent on both his or her individual personality and the things you do to help her understand what is happening and that she will be cared for, loved and safe no matter what. Here we will discuss six things you can do to minimize the stress your pet feels during the transition.

1. Literally, tell your dog or cat the details of the move

While animals may not understand what you are saying word for word, they most certainly understand the emotions and thought pictures behind your words. Tell them when and where the move will happen. Describe the house to them, where in the house they will sleep, eat, play and do their business.

Picture these specific places inside your head and “send” your animal companion the pictures. Animals do understand and feel the energy of this kind of communication. Communicate happiness, confidence and excitement about the move in your voice, and the same feelings about the move will be possible for them.

2. Keep your animal companions’ routines the same

Moving time can be a busy time with the packing and all the logistical things that need to happen. Take care not to forget to walk, feed and interact with your animals at the same times you usually do. Stick to your old routine when you have completed the move.

3. Structure and exercise help pets feel safe

Engage your dogs by reviewing their obedience commands, drilling them in down-stays before their meals, and give them a chance to earn extra treats this way. Lots of exercise stimulates endorphins to manage your pet’s mood. Positive engagement helps to settle anxiety.

4. Show your pet where his toys, bowls and beds go in the new house

Show him what door you will let him out through into the yard. This will again, show your pet that not everything is changing and the important things will stay the same.

5. Explore the pet market for natural anxiety solutions

There are a myriad of effective products available in pet stores and online to help dogs and cats with anxiety. Examples include the Thunder Shirt, the Anxiety Wrap, and calming essential oils.

Moving to a new home can be a very stressful experience for your pets, particularly if they had previously traumatic lives before they came into your family. Extra love helps!

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