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Finding Your Triangle Area Dream Home


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Most of the people I work with are not extremely wealthy. Their first home is typically not their dream home. Many of us have to build up to getting the home of our dreams!

The oldest rule in real estate is to buy based on location. Whenever you buy a home, keep the future in mind. If you get $50,000 off on a home because it backs up to a major highway, someone else will get a deal when they buy the home. Always pay attention to the location. Move up slowly.


Once you can buy the house of your dreams, how do you find it? Work with a very experienced broker who knows the market. Your dream home may be an hour and a half away from your work. It might feel right until you have to make that commute every day.

Many times people come to our area from DC, so they don’t think an hour-long commute is unusual. However, that kind of commute is not acceptable in our market, which values convenience.

When shopping for your dream home, it’s also important to work with an agent who’s attentive to you. The agent knows homes currently listed and those that will be added to the MLS soon. A good agent keeps you informed, and even gives you a report card for that home. The agent looks at the home and compares it to recently sold homes in the same neighborhood. You should know what to expect.

If you have any questions, give me a call or send me an email. I would be happy to help you!

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