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Category: Real Estate Market Trends

    Buying a Home Near Research Triangle Park: Benefits, Considerations, and History

    By Marti Hampton | September 20, 2023

    Discover the benefits and considerations of living near Research Triangle Park. Is RTP the right choice for your next home? Read More

    New Developments Shaping Raleigh’s Real Estate Landscape

    By Marti Hampton | September 6, 2023

    Discover the latest trends and opportunities in Raleigh's real estate market. Explore the developments that are reshaping the city's property landscape. Read More

    Impact of Remote Work on Raleigh’s Real Estate Demand

    By Marti Hampton | August 30, 2023

    Discover the profound Impact of Remote Work on Raleigh's Real Estate Demand. Explore how this trend is reshaping the housing market in Raleigh. Read More

    Home Prices Are Back on the Rise [INFOGRAPHIC]

    By Marti Hampton | August 11, 2023

    Looking at monthly home price data from six expert sources shows the worst home price declines are behind us, and they’re rising again nationally. Read More

    Is It Time To Sell Your Second Home?

    By Tribeca NW | January 12, 2023

    During the pandemic, second homes became popular because of the rise in work-from-home flexibility. That’s because owning a second home, especially in the luxury market, allowed those homeowners to spend more time in their favorite places or with different home features. Keep in mind, a luxury home isn’t only defined by price. In a recent article, Investopedia shares additional factors that push a home into this category: location, such as a home on the water or in a desirable city, and features, the things that make the home itself feel luxurious. Read More

    More People Are Finding the Benefits of Multigenerational Households Today

    By KCM Crew | November 17, 2022

    If you’re thinking of buying a home and living with siblings, parents, or grandparents, then multigenerational living may be for you. The Pew Research Center defines a multigenerational household as a home with two or more adult generations. And the number of individuals choosing multigenerational living has increased over the past 50 years. As you […] Read More

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