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ACC Spotlight: UNC, Duke, NC State, Wake Forest

Finding the perfect neighborhood for your future and your family is understandably important. That is why we have compiled an easy to reference guide detailing the fantastic options for higher education in the area.

Featured schools include, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State, Wake Forest University, and Duke University. All are admirable schools; however, each school is an independent entity that may serve your interests and needs differently.

North Carolina Chapel-Hill

One of the top universities in the United States and the oldest university in North Carolina, North Carolina Chapel-Hill offers its students an excelling experience. As for any family, the cost of tuition is a vital consideration when choosing a school.

At UNC, the average in-state attendee can expect to pay an estimate of $5,000-8,000 per semester. Many students enjoy a well-rounded college experience, as this school offers its students top academics, community service options, dynamic social life, ideal campus, Greek life, a diverse and active student body, and some of the most top-notch athletic teams in the United States.


In sum, this school is ideal for individuals searching for a traditional college life, encompassing an especially strong school sports spirit and a strong academic nature.

North Carolina State

North Carolina State is proudly known for its science, technology, engineering, and mathematics leadership departments. Ranked among the top 50 public universities, the cost for such a good ranking is very decent.

Attendees can expect to pay an estimated $8,200 per semester. Aside from great academic departments and being cost friendly, NCS also boasts hundreds of extracurricular learning, recreational and cultural activities, a plethora of student organizations, and a friendly sports environment.

Another aspect to consider is the size of NCS. If the attendee is searching for a large and especially diverse school, NCS is certainly a good choice, as it is ranked as the largest four-year college in the United States. This means that any Greek life, classes, and student activities are going to be large and diverse.

Wake Forest

Another university in the area is Wake Forest University. Unlike UNC and NCS, this university is a private school with a smaller student body and a liberal-arts atmosphere. As it is ranked 23rd among U.S. universities, attendees can expect to pay around $44,742 for tuition and fees per year.

Aside from highly competitive and highly ranked academic departments such as its political science and business school, this school offers its students a superb recreational environment due to its location. It is short distance from the Blue Ridge Mountains and South Carolina beaches.

It also has a highly active Campus Recreation Department with inter-mural sports and outdoor strips make it the perfect choice from the active and adventurous student.

As with all the North Carolina Universities, WFU also boasts an incredibly active and involved Greek life, which also makes it a great option for a student who loves to get involved and celebrate their school spirit.


Duke University is the final option that a potential student can choose from. Like Wake Forest University, Duke is also a private school and is highly well known. Ranked 7th among universities in the United States, this school is perfect for the highly competitive student.

Duke is famous for its highly ranked nursing program, business school, school of engineering, and its public policy program. Among competitive and esteemed academic programs, Duke’s students are encouraged to be involved in not only campus life but also to be involved in the realm outside of school by engaging in social and societal programs.

Furthermore, Duke also prides itself in having one of the best and most competitive sports divisions in the country, making it a great selection for an avid and talented athlete. In addition, those looking at Duke as an option will be stunned by the spectacular campus.

Ranked as one of the most beautiful campuses in the country, it is endowed with Gothic buildings, botanical gardens, and modernist research departments. This school is ideal for any student who wishes to make a societal impact while immersing themselves in an extremely academic and prestigious school.

All of the above mentioned schools are benefits to choosing this neighborhood. All are brilliant universities that offer their students the ideal college experience, it is just the choice that is going to be tough to make!

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