How To Get The Most Value When Buying

How To Get The Most Value When Buying

How to Get the Most Value When Buying Your Next Home

Real estate has topped national headlines for the last three years. In the 7 Rules for Smart Home Buyers presented on this site, we show a chart depicting the real estate cycle. Of course, no one ever knows for certain where we are in this cycle, but a keen observer of real estate will certainly make an educated guess that we are at bottom, near bottom or moving upward from bottom of our local Raleigh and Cary real estate market.

The local Raleigh real estate market is not nearly as negatively affected as other national markets. Indeed, North Carolina real estate markets have compared as "winners" and are more stable than the markets that grab all the headlines on your evening news.

In late 2006 and the beginning of 2007, the headlines warned of the real estate bubble to come. It is human to think bubbles are going to affect the other guy. Alas, as time has proven, even though mild in comparison, real estate sales in Raleigh, Cary, and surrounding areas have seen a slower season. Which brings me to answer to the question: “How to Get the Most Value when Buying Your Next Home?”

First, let’s discuss other bubbles. The "dot com" bubble comes to my mind. Remember when everyone’s stocks were going up like wildfire with the last and greatest new dot com to hit? That was a bubble that hit and burst in early 2000s. Currently, we have gold prices doubling and tripling. The common thing about a bubble is that everyone -- including your cousin Harry -- is BUYING! When EVERYONE IS BUYING and you have prices rising sharply, you have the makings and the high probability of a bubble.

Why do we buy stuff when everyone else is buying? Maybe it has something to do with critical mass or some other physiological or scientific mumbo-jumbo. Maybe, just maybe, there is just a touch of plain old-fashioned greed. We Americans are always afraid we’re going to miss something.

Next in answering the question "How to Get the Most Value from Your Next Home," we’ve got to agree that real estate is good investment. Negative headlines make us doubt real estate. Statistics prove that your home is indeed an excellent long-term investment. Consider that most Americans have the bulk of their net worth in real estate. If you believe in America, I believe you should believe that even though real estate may take some hits, if America comes back from recession, then real estate will come back. Strong.

I believe that real estate is going to come back bearing gifts of profit for homebuyers who bought while others waited. I love what Dave Ramsey said, “Buy a home in today’s Buyer’s Market, and look like a genius five years from now!” I believe that a home is a high-quality, safe investment with benefits of immediate enjoyment.

Our team has guided more home buyers than anyone in the Triangle to their biggest investment. This level of expertise is of great value to you when buying your next home. We will guide you to a genius investment in real estate, click here to get started.